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When prototyping Wearables and IoT devices, you may want to collect, sort and visualize the data captured by your prototype. You may also want to test how your device could be controlled remotely and make these features available to testers and collaborators.

MCS work

To save you from having to find and pay for cloud services, MediaTek Cloud Sandbox (MCS) offers you a free service that you can use to quickly prototype your planned cloud implementation.

Using a RESTful API you collect data from your devices, which you can view in a powerful web-based dashboard. The dashboard offers a range of display and graphing options. Then you can control your Wearables and IoT devices by issuing commands from the dashboard. In addition, a complementary smartphone app lets you review collected data and control your devices from anywhere.

MCS is also available on two servers, one to optimally serve Labs members inside China and the other for members globally.

MCS devices

Key features

  • Define Wearables and IoT prototype device data and other properties

  • Define data types such as geo-location, temperature, humidity and more

  • Create multiple devices from one profile

  • Push and Pull data between a device and the sandbox using a RESTful API

  • Remotely control devices using states, such as switch-state and more

  • Visualize data graphically

  • Receive notifications when data are collected or changed

  • Manage and control remotely, using the complementary mobile app

  • Create reports about prototypes and collected data

  • Perform FOTA firmware updates

  • Control access to data and devices with granular security control

  • Includes full API reference, FAQ and set of tutorials