MediaTek MT3339 is an All-in-One GPS system on a chip (SoC). Suitable for a wide range of mobile, automotive, timing, personal tracker, digital camera and industrial applications, MT3339 features high tracking sensitivity for enhanced performance in dense urban environments.

Key features

  • Supports GPS, QZSS, SBAS

  • -165dBm tracking sensitivity

  • 3mA extremely low continuous-tracking power consumption

  • MediaTek AlwaysLocate™ technology for reduced power consumption

MT3339 requires just nine passive external components, and is pin-compatible with MediaTek MT3337 and MT3333 for a flexible way to develop multiple tiers of mobile device, while minimizing duplication in hardware development. With built-in LNA to reach total receiver chain NF to 2.2 dB, you can eliminate the external LNA. With its on-chip image-rejection mixer, the external SAW filter is also eliminated.

Combined with many advanced features including AlwaysLocate™, EASY™, HotStill™, EPO™ and logger functions, the MT3339 provides always-on position with minimal power consumption. These features are excellent for portable applications such as DSC, cellular phone, PMP, and gaming devices.


  • 22 tracking / 66 acquisition-channel GPS receiver

  • Supports up to 210 PRN channels

  • Supports multi-GNSS including QZSS, SBAS ranging


  • 12 multi-tone active interference cancellers (with ISSCC2011 award)

  • RTCM ready

  • Indoor and outdoor multi-path detection and compensation

  • Supports FCC E911 compliance and AGPS

  • Maximum fixed update rate up to 10 Hz


  • Up to 98 MHz processor clock

  • Dynamic clock rate control


  • VFBGA: 4.3 mm x 4.3 mm, 57 balls, 0.5 mm pitch

Advanced software features

  • AlwaysLocate™ advanced location awareness technology

  • EPO™/HotStill™ orbit prediction

  • EASY™ self-generated orbit prediction

  • Supports logger function

RF configuration

  • SoC, integrated in single chip with CMOS process

Reference oscillator

  • TCXO Frequency 16.368 MHz, 12.6 ~ 40 MHz

  • TCXO Frequency variation: ±2.0 ppm

  • Crystal Frequency: 26 MHz, 12.6 ~ 40.0 MHz

  • Crystal Frequency accuracy: ±10 ppm

Pulse-per-second (PPS) GPS time reference

  • Adjustable duty cycle

  • Typical accuracy: ±10 ns

Power scheme

  • 1.8V SMPS built-in SoC

  • Direct lithium battery connection (2.8V ~ 4.3V)

  • Self build 1.1V RTC LDO, 1.1V core LDO, and 2.8V TCXO LSO

Built-in reset controller

  • No external reset control IC needed

Internal real-time clock (RTC)

  • 32.768KHz ±20 ppm crystal

  • 1.2 volts RTC output

  • Supports external pin to wake up MT3339

Serial interface

  • 3 UARTs

  • SPI/I2C

  • GPIO interface (up to 16 pins)


  • NMEA 0183 standard V3.01 and backward compliance

  • Supports 219 different data


  • Acquisition: -148 dBm (cold) / -163 dBm(hot)

  • Tracking: -165 dBm

Positioning Accuracy

  • Without Aiding: 3.0m 2D-RMS

  • DGPS: 2.5m

Power consumption (GPS+GLONASS)

  • Acquisition: 25 mW

  • Tracking: 18 mW

  • AlwaysLocate™: 3 mW

Slim hardware design

  • 52 mm² solution footprint with all software features inside

  • 9 passive external components


  • Pin-to-pin compatible with MT3337/MT3333