Webinar recording and slides available

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The video and slides of the webinar, 'Developing IoT devices. Creating wearables with the new LinkIt™ 2523 HDK by SAC', held earlier this month are now available on YouTube and Slideshare. In the 30 minute webinar, MediaTek Labs technical consultant Philip Handschin demonstrated how to get started with the LinkIt™ 2523 HDK by SAC, enabling developers to create advanced wearable products.

Develop wearable devices the easy way with all the tools and support you could need including HDKs, SDKs and technical documentation. The new LinkIt™ 2523 HDK by SAC is for developers looking to create advanced wearable products. Based on the MediaTek MT2523G chipset the HDK offers dual-mode Bluetooth, comprehensive GNSS standards support and industry leading performance in terms of time-to-first-fix, accuracy and power consumption. The HDK is ideal for developers looking to create more sophisticated wearables such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, health monitors, emergency locators and more.

The slides are available on Slideshare here.

More information on the MediaTek LinkIt™ Development Platform for RTOS, including the LinkIt 2523 HDK can be found here.

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