New Reference Designs are now available

Monday 5th December 2016

MediaTek introduces four new reference designs.
Get the documents and source codes here [Scroll down to Reference Designs]. Check out the descriptions of the reference designs below.

Wi-Fi Location Demo Reference Design
This reference design uses the MT7687 to scan for surrounding AP’s MAC address and gets AP’s location through a web API from, a cloud service. The reference design is suitable for case scenarios that require location information in a Wi-Fi environment.

Wi-Fi Remote Control Demo Reference Design
Create Wi-Fi remote control applications with MT7687. In this reference design, MT7687 doesn’t need to be connected to a network or Wi-Fi hotspots in order to communicate, instead it sends 802.11 vendor-specific Information Element (IE) packet directly. This reference design covers the transmit and receive side of the application.

MT7687 Reference Design Alink
With this reference design, you can configure the Soft AP mode of the MT7687 in order to connect your device to Alink, a cloud service. You can also switch the LED on and off over the air with a smart phone through the cloud service.

SoftAP Wi-Fi Config Demo Reference Design
This reference design provides a way to configure network devices without UI screens for Wi-Fi connection. The MT7687 is set as a Soft AP and waits for connection, then use a PC example application provided to connect to MT7687 and set the SSID and password. Lastly, switch the MT7687 to Station mode and connect to a Wi-Fi access point according to your network settings.

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