LinkIt SDK v4.3 is now available with MT7682S and LinkIt 7697 support

Monday 15th May 2017

LinkIt SDK v4.3.0 is now released.

This is a release with new chipset support and bug fixes.

New Features

  • (Licensed Customers) [MT7682S] Added support for MT7682S chipset.
  • (Public SDK) [MT7697] Added support for MT7697 and LinkIt 7697 HDK.

Major Changes

  • The SDK is packed in .7z format starting from this version. Install the 7zip tool to unpack it.
  • The name of MT2523 Flash Tool is changed to IoT flash tool. It now supporting MT2523x and MT7682 chipsets.
  • The deprecated Bluetooth middleware under <sdk_root>/middleware/MTK/bluetooth_BA will be removed from this version.
  • Some module paths have breaking changes. Read the release note to know how to migrate SDK v4.2.x projects to SDK v4.3.0.

Bug Fix Release

  • [MT7697x, MT25x3] After disconnecting and re-connecting Bluetooth LE connection, the connection may not be established, if master and slave modes are switched.
  • [MT7697x, MT25x3] When a device is connected with Bluetooth LE data connection with another device and triggers a page scan at the same time, the connection might be lost.
  • [MT7697x] Bluetooth HFP has noise sound in the very beginning 400ms to 500ms right after connection is established.
  • [MT7697x] In the Bluetooth EDR low power mode, the time of voice connection establishment might be up to 2 seconds.
  • [MT7697x] In the state of low power mode without CPU clock tick (tickless mode), Bluetooth EDR link might be lost.

Release notes

Downloads - Licensed Customers

For licensed customers with MediaTek Online (MOL) account, select "Tool & SDK" in MediaTek Online homepage, and set Product Line to IOT to download the SDK.
The SDK includes all source codes, binaries and tools in one package.

Be sure to select menu with ‘binaries’ instead of ‘sources’ because the SDKs are configured as binary type. For example, to download several SDK packages, select ‘Download all binaries’. To download a single SDK package, select ‘Download selected binaries’. If you see ‘No source file’ error message, it means you’ve selected a menu with ‘sources’.

Downloads - Public Users

For public users without an MOL account, go to MT2523 Downloads page or MT7687/MT7697 Downloads page to download the public version of SDK.

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