LinkIt SDK v4.5.1 is now available

Monday 7th August 2017

LinkIt SDK v4.5.1 is now released.

This is a release with bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • [MT2523x, MT2533D] Sometimes the HFP voice is not smooth when transmitting BLE data at the same time.
  • [cord_free_headset_ref_design] Fixed makefile setting of MTK_BT_AT_COMMAND_ENABLE.
  • [headset_ref_design] Fix inconsistent issue of FOTA_RESERVED_BASE address in memory map.
  • [headset_ref_design] Smartphone APK can’t indicate “Update success” sometimes after completing FOTA process.
  • [inear_noodles_headset_ref_design] A2DP music sometimes doesn't resume after ending a voice call.
  • [inear_noodles_headset_ref_design] Cannot play A2DP music after redialing a voice call several times.
  • [inear_noodles_headset_ref_design] DUT crash occurs after plugging in a USB cable to power on the device.
  • [inear_noodles_headset_ref_design] LED indication of Bluetooth connection and A2DP music playback didn't respond timely.
  • [inear_noodles_headset_ref_design] Local MP3 playback didn't resume after receiving a key tone from smartphone.
  • [inear_noodles_headset_ref_design] No "Connected" voice prompt sound while powering on the device by USB.
  • [MT25x3] Local MP3 playback sometimes doesn't resume after rejecting a voice call.
  • [MT25x3] Power consumption of A2DP playback and MP3 local playback is too high.
  • [MT25x3] System cannot reboot successfully when FOTA package size is over 650KB during FOTA process.
  • [MT7682, MT7686] System cannot reboot successfully by using CLI reboot command during FOTA process.
  • [MT7682, MT7686] Sometimes the system doesn't enter deep sleep mode when connecting to a Wi-Fi AP or enabling sleep manager debug log.


Release notes

Downloads - Licensed Customers

For licensed customers with MediaTek Online (MOL) account, select "Tool & SDK" in MediaTek Online homepage, and set Product Line to IOT to download the SDK.
The SDK includes all source codes, binaries and tools in one package.

Be sure to select menu with ‘binaries’ instead of ‘sources’ because the SDKs are configured as binary type. For example, to download several SDK packages, select ‘Download all binaries’. To download a single SDK package, select ‘Download selected binaries’. If you see ‘No source file’ error message, it means you’ve selected a menu with ‘sources’.

Downloads - Public Users

For public users without an MOL account, go to MT2523 Downloads page or MT7687/MT7697 Downloads page to download the public version of SDK.

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