LinkIt SDK v4.5 is now available with MT7686 support

Monday 10th July 2017

LinkIt SDK v4.5.0 is now released.

This is a release with new chipset support and bug fixes.

Software features and optimization

  • [MT7686] Added support for MT7686 chipset with the same feature set of MT7682S.
  • [MT2523 + MT5932] Added a reference design to provide Wi-Fi connectivity on LinkIt 2523 HDK with MT5932 HDK. (/project/mt2523_hdk/apps/wifi5932_ref_design)
  • [MT7682] Added a reference design to support MP3 decoding, AMR decoding and AMR encoding. (/project/mt7682_hdk/apps/audio_ref_design)
  • [MT7682] Added support for W-Fi AP and STA concurrent mode (Repeater mode).
  • [ MT25x3] Added support for Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) 1.6 of Bluetooth EDR.
  • [ MT25x3] Added support for stereo with two headsets through A2DP and playing from local MP3 file (Advanced Wireless Stereo, AWS).


Bug fixes

  • [ MT25x3] Changing the configuration of connection link in BLE or EDR Piconet might cause receiving data errors.
  • [ MT25x3] While inquiry scan and page scan are enabled and EDR link is established, the EDR link might disconnect.
  • [ MT25x3] When a headset pauses the local music with AWS and a link is connected between the headset and the host, an incoming mobile terminated (MT) call of the host will result in headset crash.
  • [ MT25x3] While debugging with μVision Tools (IAR), suspending the MT25x3 device for over 30 seconds will result in reset by watchdog timer.
  • [MT25x3] If MT call is received from host to the speaker through hands-free profile, the audio source in speaker will not switch to the call, if a Bluetooth speaker is playing MP3 with AWS.
  • [MT7682] Setting Wi-Fi profile with SSID and then setting PSK will result in Wi-Fi connection (in STA mode) failure.
  • [MT7682] In Open-WEP connection, if the connection between MT768x STA and an AP fails, the STA device will not inform the application about the connection failure.
  • [MT7682] If a connection is maintained for over 8 hours between MT768x host in STA mode and an AP with password configuration, the data decryption might be incorrect.
  • [MT7682] In Wi-Fi station mode with special low power state (PS mode is equal to 2), after the connection to an AP is established and DHCP process is complete (AP granted the IP), switching to AP mode will result in system failure.


Release notes

Downloads - Licensed Customers

For licensed customers with MediaTek Online (MOL) account, select "Tool & SDK" in MediaTek Online homepage, and set Product Line to IOT to download the SDK.
The SDK includes all source codes, binaries and tools in one package.

Be sure to select menu with ‘binaries’ instead of ‘sources’ because the SDKs are configured as binary type. For example, to download several SDK packages, select ‘Download all binaries’. To download a single SDK package, select ‘Download selected binaries’. If you see ‘No source file’ error message, it means you’ve selected a menu with ‘sources’.

Downloads - Public Users

For public users without an MOL account, go to MT2523 Downloads page or MT7687/MT7697 Downloads page to download the public version of SDK.

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