The GSM/GPRS APIs support:

  • Sending and receiving Short Message Service (SMS) messages.
  • Data transfer over GPRS.

Using GSM/GPRS an application can connect to remote network services over TCP as a client or server. To do this first connect to the network by calling LGPRS.attachGPRS(). Then:

  • To act as a client connect to a remote TCP/IP server by creating an LGPRSClient object and calling LGPRSClient.connect().
  • To act as a server, call LGPRSServer.available() to detect the incoming connections. The method returns an LGPRSClient object representing the connection. Call the read() and write() methods to exchange data with the remote client.

LinkIt has the ability to auto detect APN settings from the telecom operator, or they can be set in the application. 


SIM unlock using a PIN is not supported. To use a PIN locked SIM, remove the PIN lock before inserting it onto the LinkIt ONE board.

LGPRS Class. 
LGPRSClient Class
Please see the method description of LTcpClient class. 
LGPRSServer Class
Please see the method description of LTcpServer class. 
Use this class to manipulate UDP datagrams after connecting to a GPRS network using LGPRS. See the method description of LUDP class. 
LinkIt SMS support class. 
LinkIt Voice call support class