VM_DCL_HANDLE i2c_handle;
 vm_dcl_i2c_control_config_t conf_data;
i2c_handle = vm_dcl_open(VM_DCL_I2C,0);
if(VM_DCL_HANDLE_INVALID==i2c_handle) return;
conf_data.reserved_0 = 0;
conf_data.transaction_mode = VM_DCL_I2C_TRANSACTION_FAST_MODE;
conf_data.get_handle_wait = 0;
conf_data.reserved_1 = 0;
conf_data.delay_length = 0;
conf_data.slave_address = 0x98;
conf_data.fast_mode_speed = 400;
conf_data.high_mode_speed = 0;
vm_dcl_control(i2c_handle,VM_DCL_I2C_CMD_CONFIG,(void *)&conf_data);
//To do something with the handle.
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