Structs, Records, Enums Structures
Structs, Records, Enums
vm_dcl_spi_capability_t exposes SPI capabilities which can be queried. This structure is used as a parameter of VM_DCL_SPI_CONTROL_QUERY_CAPABILITY. 
vm_dcl_spi_query_mode_t exposes the SPI's clock speed. This structure is used as parameter of VM_DCL_SPI_CONTROL_QUERY_CLOCK. It contains the clock frequency which is used to calculate the SPI's timing parameters. 
vm_dcl_spi_config_parameter_t holds the SPI configuration parameters. 
vm_dcl_spi_control_write_and_read_t holds the SPI write and read operation parameters. 
vm_dcl_spi_mode_t exposes if the SPI's mode can be set and or get. This structure is used as the parameter of VM_DCL_SPI_CONTROL_SET_MODE and VM_DCL_SPI_CONTROL_GET_MODE. 
vm_dcl_spi_query_mode_t exposes SPI supported modes. This structure is used as a parameter of VM_DCL_SPI_CONTROL_QUERY_MODE_SUPPORT. 
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