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The Log module output logs with serverity to the Monitor tool provided by the SDK.


LinkIt SDK provides a logging module that allows developers to output logs through the built-in USB COM port. The log can be displayed and filtered by LinkIt SDK Monitor tool. The logs can be filtered according severity. There are different log functions for different levels of severity: FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO and DEBUG. The severity levels are as follows: FATAL > ERROR > WARN > INFO > DEBUG. Developer can control the filter of severity in Monitor tool.


Note that the length of each output string must not exceed 255 characters, and since the system has a limited buffer size for logs, it is possible to lose log strings if log functions are called too frequently. Note that the severity filter in the Monitor tool filters logs in the monitor tool, therefore cannot be used to reduce the amount of logs generated by the system.

Resets the watchdog timer. The timer will start again immediately and will fire after the number of ticks set in the vm_wdt_start() elapses. 
Starts a watchdog. 
Stops the watchdog timer. 
Use this function to generate log that serve as debugging information. 
Generates a log with error level severity. This indicates that an error has occurred, with the result that one of the program's functions fails to work, although the program itself will not terminate because of it. For example, on an English learning program the human voice pronunciation feature fails to produce any sound. However, all other functions in the application operate normally. 
Generates a log with fatal level of severity. This is the most serious error, the result of which is the direct termination of the program. For example, the application fails to allocate memory upon program start-up. This will result in the system being unable to generate the user interface screen and having to terminate the application. 
Generate logs for informational purposes, e.g. when execution of app enters into a function, a log is written to indicate execution entered in that particular function. 
Generates a log with warning level of severity. Use this function for logs with warning purposes. The cause of the warning is within the expectation of the program and the situation may restore to normal eventually. For example, the program may fail to connect to the Internet, the reason for which may be delinquent phone bills, or bad signal coverage. After recharging the account or moving the phone to a location with a stronger signal, the problem will no longer exist. 
Watchdog handle 
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