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This function allows application to register system event callback and control life cycle.


The system module provides core functionalities for LinkIt application. When a LinkIt executable is loaded into memory, it becomes a process. The process can then register a system event handler to respond to system events such as entering and exiting the application. 

There are APIs to query process informations such as the path to the executable file and APIs to assist the upgrade of LinkIt executables. It works by having the framework terminate the running application, check and update the LinkIt executable and launch the program with a single API call.


Currently, LinkIt SDK 2.0 allows only one LinkIt application to be uploaded and executed at a time.

For application update. A LinkIt application may call this function to quit and update itself by assiging path to the new VXP executable. The framework would verify the integrity of the new VXP executable, and update the executable.
While the SDK does not provide facility to encrypt the VXP binary, 3rd party software may be used to encrypt the binary with supported encryption method. This method is defined by the VM_PMNG_ENCRYPTION. In this version of SDK only DES encryption is supported.
If update succeeded, the new VXP executable replaces the original executable and launches.
If update failed, the original... more 
Get process handle of current application. For LinkIt SDK 2.0, this function is the same as vm_pmng_get_current_process_handle
Get the process handle of the current process. 
Get the process handle of the specified executable. 
Get a list all process. 
Get property of a process, e.g. status and executable file path. 
Get full path to the VXP executable file of current application. 
Registers an application-defined system event callback function that processes vital system events like VM_EVENT_CREATE and VM_EVENT_PAINT. This function must be called in vm_main() of the LinkIt application. 
Quit the current running application and launch it again. 
Structs, Records, Enums
Struct, Record, Enum 
Encryption method used by the package when updating VXP executables with vm_pmng_exit_and_update_application
Error code for vm_pmng_exit_and_update_application. Some of the erro code are returned immediatly, some are passed to application after re-launch as the event parameter of system event VM_EVENT_UPDATE_FAIL. 
Process properties 
Status of an application process. 
System events for LinkIt applications. Use vm_pmng_register_system_event_callback to register. 
Prototype of the system event handler. 
Process handle can be used to manipulate and retrieve process information. 
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