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The SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) API enables data communication between the processor and various peripheral devices over a synchronous external serial port.


To use the SPI on LinkIt ONE, you need to use the following three pins (depending on communication modes) to complete the device communications (see below table): 


Board | MOSI | MISO | SCK 
LinkIt ONE | D11 | D12 | D13 
Communication modes: 
MISO (Master In Slave Out): Transmits data from slave to master. 
MOSI (Master Out Slave In): Transmits data from master to slave. 
SCK (Serial Clock): Serial clock output from master, used to sync signal timing between master and slave. 

LinkIt SPI can only be used as master.

Structs, Records, Enums
Struct, Record, Enum 
vm_dcl_spi_capability_t exposes SPI capabilities which can be queried. This structure is used as a parameter of VM_DCL_SPI_CONTROL_QUERY_CAPABILITY. 
VM_DCL_SPI_CLOCK_PHASE is the ENUM which indicates the SPI clock phase. 
VM_DCL_SPI_CLOCK_POLARITY is the ENUM which indicates the SPI clock polarity. 
vm_dcl_spi_query_mode_t exposes the SPI's clock speed. This structure is used as parameter of VM_DCL_SPI_CONTROL_QUERY_CLOCK. It contains the clock frequency which is used to calculate the SPI's timing parameters. 
vm_dcl_spi_config_parameter_t holds the SPI configuration parameters. 
This is the SPI IO control definition. 
vm_dcl_spi_control_write_and_read_t holds the SPI write and read operation parameters. 
VM_DCL_SPI_DEVICE is the ENUM SPI type, you can select one of the devices to use with DCL. 
VM_DCL_SPI_ENDIAN is the ENUM which indicates the SPI data transfer byte order. 
VM_DCL_SPI_GET_TICK is the ENUM which indicates for how many clocks the SPI should be delayed. 
vm_dcl_spi_mode_t exposes if the SPI's mode can be set and or get. This structure is used as the parameter of VM_DCL_SPI_CONTROL_SET_MODE and VM_DCL_SPI_CONTROL_GET_MODE. 
VM_DCL_SPI_MSBF is the ENUM which indicates the SPI transmission bit order. 
vm_dcl_spi_query_mode_t exposes SPI supported modes. This structure is used as a parameter of VM_DCL_SPI_CONTROL_QUERY_MODE_SUPPORT. 
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