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Controls Power Management Unit(PMU) that can be used to control GPIO power, vibrator, and keypad LED.


The Power Management Unit(PMU) provides commands to allow developers control the power of LDO-type vibrator and keypad LED(KPLED). It also provides command to enable and disable certain GPIO pins with pin number. The pin number can be looked up in the pin-out digram in the HDK documentation. For example, the pin number of GPIO10 on the pin-out diagram is 10.


The API is designed to be able to apply to different chipsets and breakouts, therefore some of the enumerations may not be available on all platforms. For example, the vibrator breakout is not available on LinkIt ONE. Enable or disable pins that are not available in the hardware breakout may result in fatal system failure.

Structs, Records, Enums
Struct, Record, Enum 
PMU driver command list 
This struct is for VM_DCL_PMU_CONTROL_KPLED_SET_ENABLE command. 
Identifider for PMU devices for vm_dcl_open
This struct is for VM_PMU_CTRL_CMD_LDO_BUCK_SET_EN command 
Enum for controlling certain LDO or Buck power. This is a parameter of the VM_DCL_PMU_CONTROL_LDO_BUCK_SET_ENABLE command. Note that not all LDO/Buck is available on every chipset or breakout. For example, LinkIt ONE does not have the vibrator breakout. Refer to HDK pin-out diagram for details. 
Enum for controlling GPIO pin power. Note that not all GPIO pin numbers are available for configuration on all HDK plaform. Refer to HDK pin-out diagram for the available GPIO pin number. For example, use VM_DCL_PMU_VGPIO10 for GPIO10 on LinkIt ONE, which maps to VM_PIN_D0 pin. 
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