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The following table lists structs, records, enums in this documentation.

The channel name for VM_DCL_ADC_COMMAND_GET_CHANNEL command. Note that not all of the channels are available. Refer to the HDK pin table and pin-out diagram for the corresponding GPIO pin number, or, use the macro PIN2CHANNEL in vmdcl.h to convert pin name to corresponding VM_DCL_ADC_CHANNEL. 
The control commands of ADC module. 
This enum type represents the device of ADC (Analog Digital Convert) module. The vm_dcl_open() uses the enum values to create a handle to access the device. Applications should use the DCL (Driver Common Layer) APIs to control the ACD module. Different analog input pins are defined in VM_DCL_ADC_CHANNEL
ADC module events. 
The structure of ADC control command VM_DCL_ADC_COMMAND_CREATE_OBJECT. 
The structure of ADC control command VM_DCL_ADC_COMMAND_GET_CHANNEL. 
The structure of ADC control command VM_DCL_ADC_COMMAND_MODIFY_PARAMETER. 
The structure of ADC control command VM_DCL_ADC_COMMAND_SEND_START. 
The structure of ADC control command VM_DCL_ADC_COMMAND_SEND_STOP. 
The structure of ADC measure result for event VM_DCL_ADC_GET_RESULT. 
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