Functions | Memory

The following table lists functions in this documentation.

Allocates the specified size of memory and clear the memory with zeros. 
Frees the memory allocated by vm_malloc(), vm_calloc(), vm_realloc(), or vm_malloc_dma(). Frees null is allowed. 
Allocates the specified size of memory. Uses vm_pmng_get_memory_status() to query the available max size of memory that can be allocated. User should configure the memory pool size of the VXP. The max size of available memory may not be allocated due to memory fragmentation. 
Allocates non-cacheable (e.g. DMA - Direct Memory Access), which provide faster memory access. This function is mostly used by graphic related features. 
Reallocates the specified size of memory for the memory already allocated before. The content of the memory will be "copied". 
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