Functions | Audio

The following table lists functions in this documentation.

Clears interrupt callback 
Gets the currently set volume level. 
Check if it is in calling now 
This is to check if there is another applications that is currently playing audio 
Closes the opened audio. 
Get the current play time. 
Opens an audio file. 
Pause the audio playback. 
Resume audio playback 
Plays the audio 
Stops the opened audio. 
Pause recording. 
Resume recording. 
Starts recording. 
Stops recording. 
Registers an interrupt callback. When the audio playback is interrupted, this callback will be invoked. 
Sets the play volume level. 
Closes the bit-stream audio. 
Tells the driver to put no more data through. 
Gets the data buffer status including free buffer and total buffer size. 
Gets the current play time. 
Opens a PCM type bit-stream audio. 
Puts the audio data to the buffer. 
Starts to play audio. 
Stop playing the audio. 
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