Functions | Connection Manager

The following table lists functions in this documentation.

Exits the Bluetooth Connection Manager and releases the resources. 
Gets the device info 
Gets the device number according to device type 
Gets the host device information. 
Gets the current power status of the Bluetooth. 
This function is to get the BT visibility 
Initializes the Bluetooth Connection Manager and registers the callback. The callback will be triggered when the events occur, as specified by the event_mask. 
Releases all active Bluetooth connections. When it completes, the callback is invoked through the VM_BT_CM_EVENT_RELEASE_ALL_CONN event. 
Searches for the Bluetooth devices.The search process could trigger two events, the VM_BT_CM_EVENT_INQUIRY_IND and VM_BT_CM_EVENT_INQUIRY_COMPLETE, which in turn triggers the callback. 
Aborts the search process. It invokes srv_bt_cm_cancel_discovery_req_hdler. A callback will be invoked by the VM_BT_CM_EVENT_INQUIRY_COMPLETE event, after the cancelling of the search procedure is complete. 
Processes the pairing request and sends the passkey when the VM_BT_CM_PAIR_IND event occurs. 
Sets the Bluetooth pairing type. This function should be called prior to the VM_BT_CM_PAIR_IND event occurs, to properly configure the expected pairing method. 
Sets the host device name. It will trigger the VM_BT_CM_EVENT_SET_NAME event, after the host device name procedure is completed. 
Sets the Bluetooth visibility, so that other devices can detect it. 
Switches off the Bluetooth chipset. It also deactivates the Bluetooth profiles. If there are any active connections, it will disconnect the connections before switching off the Bluetooth chipset. 
Switches on the Bluetooth chipset. It also activates the Bluetooth profiles that are registered to the Connection Manager. 
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