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What is the MediaTek LinkIt™ Smart 7688 development platform?

Smart, connected home and office devices are transforming the way people interact with spaces, while in those spaces or from almost anywhere on the planet, through a web browser. Advanced IP cameras, surveillance devices, smart appliances and robotic devices; to deliver cutting edge features and functionality they need an advanced OS, plenty of processing power and generous memory.

The MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform delivers to these demanding requirements.


At the heart of the platform is the MT7688AN SOC, an appliance automation bridge. This chipset is based on a powerful 802.11n 1T1R Wi-Fi AP, supports up to 2Gb RAM with additional SD-card storage, encryption engine Wi-Fi and a wide variety of peripheral connectivity options.

Read more about the features of the MT7688AN in the MT7688 datasheet or from the developer’s guide.

Key Features of the MT7688AN SOC

  • MIPS24KEc 580 MHz
  • 16-bit DDR1/DDR2 (193 MHz) memory up to 2Gbits
  • SD-XC (class 10)
  • SPI flash offering 3B addr mode (max 128 Mbit) and 4B addr mode (max 512Mbit)
  • 1T1R 802.11n 2.4GHz
  • DR-QFN156-12 mm x 12 mm

Software Development Tools

The LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform runs OpenWrt and is loaded with a range of packages to enable the development of IoT device software.

This includes the ability to program applications using Python, Node.js (JavaScript) or native C.

To support native C software development the platform used the OpenWrt SDK, which includes the OpenWrt toolchain. The SDK is supported on Linux and Apple Mac OSX.

Support in the Arduino IDE for the LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo development board can also be used to create applications.

Learn more about the programming environments for the LinkIt Smart 7688 development platform.

The platform itself includes web technology-based tools for configuring board settings and updating the firmware.

Learn more about the LinkIt Smart 7688 configuration tool.

Hardware Development Kits

The platform delivers two hardware development kits powered by the MT7688AN:

  • LinkIt Smart 7688 HDK: Using the MT7688AN as a standalone MPU.
  • LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo HDK: Using the MT7688AN complemented by an ATmega32U4 MCU. The MT7688AN MPU can communicate with the MCU using a UART interface, or the MCU programmed directly using Arduino.

These kits are complemented by a number of breakout boards.

Learn more about the LinkIt Smart 7688 development boards and third party breakout boards.

Going to market

When it comes to taking products to market, the MediaTek Labs Partner Connect program can help connect developers with companies that can assist throughout the process.

Learn more about MediaTek Labs Partner Connect.