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What are the benefits of joining MediaTek Labs, the IoT developer program?

MediaTek Labs is an Internet of Things (IoT) developer program where you can turn your IoT ideas into a commercial reality. We guide you through the exciting opportunities offered by Wearables and IoT chipsets from MediaTek, a pioneering fabless semiconductor company. You can access a range of resources without registering, but you get more by registering. Consider

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What other developers are saying about MediaTek Labs:

“By joining MediaTek Labs, I gained access to a large and active community of likeminded developers and MediaTek’s own experts, as well as development tools, support, and the most up-to-date information about MediaTek’s platforms and components.” Mark A. Malo, Independent Software Engineer, USA    “I joined MediaTek Labs to be a part of a great IoT community and get the insights and help of other like-minded device makers and developers. The technical support that I have received has been excellent.” Henrik Olsson, Internet of Things Evangelist, Sweden