MT7687 API Reference  LinkIt SDK v4
smt_api.h File Reference

MediaTek Smart Connection interfaces. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include "wifi_api.h"

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typedef void(* wifi_smart_connection_callback_t) (wifi_smart_connection_event_t event, void *data)
 This callback function should be registered through the wifi_smart_connection_init(), and will be called when a Smart Connection event is received. More...


enum  wifi_smart_connection_event_t {
 Smart Connection event. More...
enum  wifi_smart_connection_status_t {
 Return values for the Smart Connection API. More...


wifi_smart_connection_status_t wifi_smart_connection_init (const uint8_t *key, const uint8_t key_length, wifi_smart_connection_callback_t callback)
 This function registers a callback function to establish the Smart Connection. More...
void wifi_smart_connection_deinit (void)
 This function de-initializes the Smart Connection and releases the resources. More...
wifi_smart_connection_status_t wifi_smart_connection_start (uint16_t timeout_seconds)
 This function starts the Smart Connection. More...
wifi_smart_connection_status_t wifi_smart_connection_get_result (uint8_t *ssid, uint8_t *ssid_length, uint8_t *password, uint8_t *password_length, uint8_t *tlv_data, uint8_t *tlv_data_length)
 This function gets the Smart Connection result. More...
wifi_smart_connection_status_t wifi_smart_connection_stop (void)
 This function is called to inform smart connection task of exiting flag and then the task will automatically release the resources. More...

Detailed Description

MediaTek Smart Connection interfaces.