MT7687 API Reference  LinkIt SDK v4



typedef void(* hal_i2c_callback_t) (uint8_t slave_address, hal_i2c_callback_event_t event, void *user_data)
 This defines the callback function prototype. More...

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* hal_i2c_callback_t) (uint8_t slave_address, hal_i2c_callback_event_t event, void *user_data)

This defines the callback function prototype.

User should register a callback function while using DMA mode. This function is called after the transaction finishes in the I2C ISR routine. For more details about the callback, please refer to hal_i2c_master_register_callback(). For more details about callback architecture, please refer to Software architecture of the I2C.

[in]slave_addressis a user defined slave address to send or receive data.
[in]eventis the transaction event of current transaction. It also provides the transaction result. For more details about the event type, please refer to hal_i2c_callback_event_t.
[in]user_datais the user defined parameter obtained from hal_i2c_master_register_callback() function.
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