MT2523 API Reference  LinkIt SDK v4
sensor_vec_t Struct Reference

Sensor event data over 3-axis. More...

#include <sensor_alg_interface.h>

Data Fields

union {
   int32_t   v [3]
 Values. More...
   struct {
      int32_t   x
 Value of the X-axis. More...
      int32_t   y
 Value of the Y-axis. More...
      int32_t   z
 Value of the Z-axis. More...
   struct {
      int32_t   azimuth
 Rotation around the Z-axis. More...
      int32_t   pitch
 Rotation around the X-axis. More...
      int32_t   roll
 Rotation around the Y-axis. More...
uint32_t status
 Quality of the measurement. More...
int32_t reserved [3]
 Reserved. More...

Detailed Description

Sensor event data over 3-axis.

Field Documentation

int32_t azimuth

Rotation around the Z-axis.

int32_t pitch

Rotation around the X-axis.

int32_t reserved[3]


int32_t roll

Rotation around the Y-axis.

uint32_t status

Quality of the measurement.

int32_t v[3]


int32_t x

Value of the X-axis.

int32_t y

Value of the Y-axis.

int32_t z

Value of the Z-axis.

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