MT2523 API Reference  LinkIt SDK v4
hal_spi_master_config_t Struct Reference

SPI master configuration structure. More...

#include <hal_spi_master.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t clock_frequency
 SPI master clock frequency setting. More...
hal_spi_master_slave_port_t slave_port
 SPI slave device selection. More...
hal_spi_master_bit_order_t bit_order
 SPI master bit order setting. More...
hal_spi_master_clock_polarity_t polarity
 SPI master clock polarity setting. More...
hal_spi_master_clock_phase_t phase
 SPI master clock phase setting. More...

Detailed Description

SPI master configuration structure.

Field Documentation

SPI master bit order setting.

uint32_t clock_frequency

SPI master clock frequency setting.

SPI master clock phase setting.

SPI master clock polarity setting.

SPI slave device selection.

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