MT2523 API Reference  LinkIt SDK v4
bt_hci_cmd_le_set_scan_parameters_t Struct Reference

LE set scan parameters command. More...

#include <bt_hci.h>

Data Fields

bt_hci_scan_type_t le_scan_type
 Scan type. More...
uint16_t le_scan_interval
 Scan interval. More...
uint16_t le_scan_window
 Scan window. More...
bt_hci_scan_addr_type_t own_address_type
 Local device address type. More...
bt_hci_scan_filter_type_t scanning_filter_policy
 Scanning filter policy. More...

Detailed Description

LE set scan parameters command.

Field Documentation

uint16_t le_scan_interval

Scan interval.

The range is from 0x0004 to 0x4000.

bt_hci_scan_type_t le_scan_type

Scan type.

uint16_t le_scan_window

Scan window.

The range is from 0x0004 to 0x4000.

bt_hci_scan_addr_type_t own_address_type

Local device address type.

bt_hci_scan_filter_type_t scanning_filter_policy

Scanning filter policy.

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