LDrive Class Members
LDrive Class | Legend
Initializes the SD or Flash module. 
Tests the given file exists or not. 
Creates a folder. It can create multiple sub folders at once; for example, LSD.mkdir("a/b/c") can create 3 folders a ,b, c, at the same time. 
Opens a file (or folder). The following happens when the file path does not exist: - If FILE_WRITE mode is provided, an empty file is created; - If FILE_READ mode is provided, it returns Failed.
  • FILE_READ: It can read from the beginning of file. It cannot write.
  • FILE_WRITE: It can read and write, starting from the end of file in order to append the written data.
Deletes a file. 
Deletes a folder. The folder must be empty, or the function will fail.