#include "vm_dcl.h"
VM_DCL_HANDLE gpio_handle; // Declare a VM_DCL_HANDLE variable.
vm_dcl_gpio_control_set_clock_division_t clock_data; //Declare a vm_dcl_gpio_control_set_clock_out_t variable.
gpio_handle = vm_dcl_open(VM_DCL_GPIO_CLOCK,55);// Step1, we call vm_dcl_open to get a handle. 55 means gpio55. Notice the device parameter is VM_DCL_GPIO_CLOCK.
clock_data.clock_number = 3;// More details, please refer to the GPIO datasheet.
clock_data.division = 2; //More details, please refer to the GPIO datasheet.
vm_dcl_control(gpio_handle,GPIO_COMMAND_SET_CLOCK_DIV,(void *)&clock_data); // Step2, we call vm_dcl_control to set register status of gpio55 .
vm_dcl_close(gpio_handle); // Finally, we call vm_dcl_close
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