#include "vm_dcl.h"
  VM_DCL_HANDLE       kbd_handle;                     // Declares a VM_DCL_HANDLE variable. 
  vm_dcl_kbd_control_pin_t kbdmap;
  kbd_handle       = vm_dcl_open(VM_DCL_KBD,0);     // Calls vm_dcl_open to get a handle. The second parameter should always be 0.
  kbdmap.colmap  = 0x01;
  kbdmap.rowmap = 0x01;
  vm_dcl_control(kbd_handle,VM_DCL_KBD_COMMAND_CONFIG_PIN,(void *)(&kbdmap)); // Calls vm_dcl_control to set the column and row.
  vm_dcl_close(kbd_handle);                                       // Calls vm_dcl_close to close the handle.
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