#include "vm_dcl.h"
  VM_DCL_HANDLE gpio_handle;  // device handle
  vm_dcl_gpio_control_level_status_t gpio_input_data;  // parameter for VM_DCL_GPIO_COMMAND_READ.
  gpio_handle = vm_dcl_open(VM_DCL_GPIO, 55);          // First, we call vm_dcl_open to get a handle. 55 means gpio55
  vm_dcl_control(gpio_handle, VM_DCL_GPIO_COMMAND_SET_MODE_3, NULL);                 // we call vm_dcl_control to set gpio55 as mode3.
  vm_dcl_control(gpio_handle, VM_DCL_GPIO_COMMAND_READ, (void *)&gpio_input_data);   // We call vm_dcl_control to read gpio55.
  vm_dcl_control(gpio_handle, VM_DCL_GPIO_COMMAND_WRITE_HIGH, 0);                    // we call vm_dcl_control to write gpio55.
  vm_dcl_close(gpio_handle);    // close the device handle.
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