#include "vmdcl.h"
  VM_DCL_HANDLE eint_handle;                    // Declares a VM_DCL_HANDLE variable.
  vm_eint_control_config_t eint_config;         // Declares a vm_eint_control_config_t variable.
  vm_eint_control_sensitivity_t sens_data;      // Declares a vm_eint_control_sensitivity_t variable.
  vm_eint_control_hw_debounce_t debounce_time;  // Declares a vm_eint_control_hw_debounce_t variable.
  eint_handle = vm_dcl_open(VM_DCL_EINT, PIN2EINT(VM_PIN_P0));   // Calls vm_dcl_open() to get a handle. Use PIN2EINT to convert from pin name to EINT number.
  vm_dcl_control(eint_handle, VM_EINT_COMMAND_MASK, NULL);    // Before configuring EINT, we mask it firstly.
  vm_dcl_registercallback(eint_handle, EVENT_EINT_TRIGGER, eint_callback, (void*)NULL ); // Registers the callback. Note: the last parameter is NULL.
  sens_data.sensitivity = 1;         // 1 means the Level Sensitive. 0 means the Edge Sensitive.
  vm_dcl_control(eint_handle, VM_EINT_COMMAND_SET_SENSITIVITY, (void *)&sens_data);  // Sets EINT sensitivity.
  debounce_time.debounce_time = 10;  // Debounce time 10ms
  vm_dcl_control(eint_handle,VM_EINT_COMMAND_SET_HW_DEBOUNCE,(void *)&debounce_time); // Set debounce time
  eint_config.act_polarity = 0;  // 1 means positive activated. 0 means negative activated.
  eint_config.debounce_en  = 1;  // 1 means to enable the HW debounce. 0 means to disable the HW debounce.
  eint_config.auto_unmask  = 1;  // 1 means to unmask after callback. 0 means not to unmask and the callers should unmask themselves.
  vm_dcl_control(eint_handle, VM_EINT_COMMAND_CONFIG, (void*)&eint_config);  // Calls this API prior to unmasking the EINT next.
  vm_dcl_control(eint_handle, VM_EINT_COMMAND_UNMASK, NULL);  // Calls this function to unmask the EINT.
  vm_dcl_close(eint_handle); // Finally, calls vm_dcl_close().
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