PWM Structs, Records, Enums
Structs, Records, Enums
Struct, Record, Enum 
Used for VM_PWM_CMD_CONFIG command. 
This enum defines the control commands for PWM module. The vm_dcl_control() uses these commands to control different functions of the PWM device. The applications should use the DCL (Driver Common Layer) APIs to control PWM. 
This enum type represents the device of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) module. The vm_dcl_open() uses the enum values to create a handle to access the device. Applications should use the DCL (Driver Common Layer) APIs to control the PWM. 
This is used in vm_dcl_control() for VM_PWM_CMD_SET_LEVEL control command. Using this command, an application can set the brightness of the keypad LED PWM. The sample code is in the description of VM_DCL_PWM_CONTROL_COMMAND
Used for VM_PWM_CMD_SET_CLOCK command. 
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