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Structs, Records, Enums
PMU driver command list 
Identifider for PMU devices for vm_dcl_open
Enum for controlling certain LDO or Buck power. This is a parameter of the VM_DCL_PMU_CONTROL_LDO_BUCK_SET_ENABLE command. Note that not all LDO/Buck is available on every chipset or breakout. For example, LinkIt ONE does not have the vibrator breakout. Refer to HDK pin-out diagram for details. 
Enum for controlling GPIO pin power. Note that not all GPIO pin numbers are available for configuration on all HDK plaform. Refer to HDK pin-out diagram for the available GPIO pin number. For example, use VM_DCL_PMU_VGPIO10 for GPIO10 on LinkIt ONE, which maps to VM_PIN_D0 pin. 
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