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Structs, Records, Enums
This enum is for VM_DCL_GPIO_COMMAND_SET_CLOCK_DIVIDE, used in vm_dcl_control as parameter. Please refer the introduction of vm_dcl_gpio_control_set_clock_division_t for more details. 
This enum defines the clock_mode of parameter vm_dcl_gpio_control_set_clock_out_t for command VM_DCL_GPIO_COMMAND_SET_CLOCK_OUT. Please refer to vm_dcl_gpio_control_set_clock_out_t for details. 
GPIO commands that can be passed to GPIO devices with vm_dcl_control. Refer to each command for the related GPIO functionality. Note that for clock-related commands VM_DCL_GPIO_COMMAND_SET_CLOCK_DIVIDE and VM_DCL_GPIO_COMMAND_SET_CLOCK_OUT, open a VM_DCL_GPIO_CLOCK device instead of VM_DCL_GPIO. 
These enum defines the device for GPIO module that is passed to vm_dcl_open as a parameter. Before open the device, make sure the pin mode is configured to VM_DCL_PIN_MODE_GPIO with vm_dcl_config_pin_mode. There are two different device enums that can be opened on a GPIO pin. Use the VM_DCL_GPIO_CLOCK enum to send clock-related commands to the GPIO pin. 
Defines the HIGH and LOW state in level_status field of parameter vm_dcl_gpio_control_level_status_t
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